A Taste of Windsor

I met my friend in Windsor yesterday. It was a clear, cool, sunny day. A perfect day, really, for getting out and doing a little sightseeing.

victoria I love this statue of Queen Victoria on High Street near the Castle. No, we didn’t go to the castle this time.

But, we lucked out and got to see the guards parade down High Street to Windsor Castle. I still love the marching band best. These guys look a bit different from the ones Roxi and I saw at Buckingham Palace in March. My friend said that perhaps they have different uniforms depending on the season.
These fellows looked quite smart.
We had lunch at the Crooked House and sat in front of the bay window on the second floor. A perfect view to see the guards walk back up High Street and to watch the tourists take photos of the restaurant!
After lunch, we decided to walk over to Eaton College across the river Thames.
The big building on the right is the Chapel at Eton College. Eaton was founded in 1440 by Henry VI. I’d like to take a tour of the school one day.
Eton is an exclusive public school (equivalent to private school in the US) for boys ages 13-18. We saw a couple of young gentlemen in their uniforms. They are very formal–black tails, vest, dark pants, bow tie.
The entrance to the Eton Library.
I thought this was really neat. It’s part of a sculpture near the Windsor bridge.
Today, I really need to focus and do a few chores around the house. We’re leaving for vacation in two days, and I’ve been nonchalant about the whole thing! But today, I need to find some warm clothes, do a bit of laundry, make sure my camera batteries are charged, find the guide books and the adaptors, and…

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About the Author: JaPRA is an expat Texan living in Boston (by way of London by way of Houston) with her husband (Mr. DJ), their 19-year old daughter (Roxi), and their dog Trudy.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Another great day! I’m sure getting a perfect eye view of London from your great pictures.

  2. Just a Plane Ride Away says:

    Laurie–I am trying to get a lot of my outings done before it gets too cold and wet. I have a feeling I’ll be going into hibernation in a month or so.

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