Almost Pear Tarte Tatin

So here’s my first try at Pear Tart Tain. I used this recipe by Rachel Allen. What I failed to read (blame it on the half a Benadryl I had to take after eating a fresh pear in the morning) was that I needed to put the pan back on the heat for a while to caramelize the pears. By the time I realized I needed to do this, I had already poured the caramel into a pie plate… a glass pie plate. Next time I’ll dig out a metal cake tin and do the final caramelizing in that before baking.

I used a premade shortcust pastry and it was delicious! Really, this dessert was so easy. I don’t know why I’ve not made it before. If you’re interested in trying this, It think it’s worth watching Jamie Oliver’s video for Banana Tarte Tatin. He uses puff pastry, which I love. I am going to do that next time.

And as usual, it’s delicious with a small (or not so small) dollop of vanilla ice cream. Or clotted cream, if you can get it :-)


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About the Author: JaPRA is an expat Texan living in Boston (by way of London by way of Houston) with her husband (Mr. DJ), their 19-year old daughter (Roxi), and their dog Trudy.

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  1. Barbara Blundell says:

    Hi japra
    The Pear Tarte tartine looks absolutely delicious caramelized or not. Have made a tartine with apples but must try pears next time It’s a pity about the allergy to them.
    Have the hazelnuts survived ? We had a good crop for the first time this year and the squirrel stripped the tree bare !
    Quince jelly is supposed to be very pleasant but I have never made any R gathered about 10 ibs blackberries last week.

    • japra says:

      Barbara, we had a handful of hazelnuts, but I was lazy and left them for the squirrels.

      I am looking forward to hearing what you’re going to do with all of your blackberries! You are always such an inspiration in the kitchen :-)

  2. Maureen says:

    Oh my… my husband will be getting a treat when we get back from AZ! that is so so enticing JaPRA. TY!

  3. julia says:

    yum! glad to see the Benadryl’s workin’ for ya.

  4. Aledys Ver says:

    Ohhhh you made it! It looks very pretty! Lekker voor bij de koffie! :D

  5. Christine says:

    that looks so professional and delicious. Hard to believe it’s as simple as you say. Sorry to hear about this unfortunate fresh pear allergy… so cooked pear is fine?

    • japra says:

      Christine, it really is easy! The only tricky part is inverting the tarte, but don’t be scared. If the fruit sticks, just use a fork and put it back :-)

      Re: the pear allergy, I did get a bit of an allergic reaction to the cooked pear in this tart. Bummer! I’m not going to eat anymore. It’s too much trouble. I may try a pear from the grocery and see if maybe it’s just this pear tree that’s giving me troubles.

  6. lucylucia says:

    pears are great to bake with. For whatever reason, they also look especially impressive!!

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