About JaPRA

In 2007, we moved from Houston to England for my husband’s job. In 2013, we repatriated (to Boston) and in 2015 we moved back to Houston. Turns out you CAN go home again. Below is the “latest” About from nearly seven years ago haha. Obviously there needs to be some updating around here…


Hiya, Howdy, Hallo, Bonjour, Goedmorgen, Hola, Dzien Dobry, Guten Tag, Dobry Den!

I’m an expat Texan living in England again, after a year in the Netherlands. My husband (Mr. DJ), our 16-year old daughter (Roxi) and I moved to England in February 2007 when my husband accepted a job in London. It had always been a dream of ours to live overseas, so of course we jumped at the chance! Wouldn’t you?

Except for a short six-month stint in the Washington DC area many, many years ago, this was our first move out of Texas. It should be noted that though my husband and I are not Native Texans, we did, as they say, “get there as fast as we could” — me at age 4, he at age 15). Our daughter and our dog Trudy are true Texans, however — haha. All of that is water under the bridge now, though, since we are all (yes, the dog too!): Expats, Citizens of the World!

We hope you enjoy this website. I mostly write about our time overseas, including learning about a new culture, homesickness, driving on the left, and the “joys” of small appliances.

The Blog is just that, our expat adventures in chronological order for those of you who prefer to read things that way. You can read all the way from the beginning of time. Or at least since January 2007 when we spilled the beans about our move.

The Destinations section highlights one of our favourite things about being Expats: our travels in Europe. We’re working on adding tips, travel resource links, and additional photos.

The Food section includes articles about my journey back into the kitchen. We used to eat out A LOT back in Texas! When we moved to England, I had to learn how to cook again–in particular, how to cook our favourite Tex-Mex dishes (and where to find the ingredients). We’ve also tried some of local specialties (like Marmite!), which I’ve documented ad nauseum. I also take a lot of photos of our drool-worthy food when we travel, and those are located in this section as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email: japra[at]justaplanerideaway[dot]com





Interviews :-)

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