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Ask an Expat: Men's fashion in The Hague

Ask an Expat: Men’s fashion in The Hague

A couple months ago, Duncan asked if I could post some photos of men’s fashion. It’s finally been warm enough here that people have been riding around without their big coats. So here you go, Duncan–a small and very unscientific sampling of Den Haag men’s fashion :-) As usual, if anyone has ever wondered anything […]

We're s-h-o-pp-i-n-g, we're shopping*

We’re s-h-o-pp-i-n-g, we’re shopping*

A restaurant near London’s Fortune Theatre where we saw “The Woman in Black”. There were some really nice-looking shops in the Covent Garden area. Too bad we didn’t have time to do a bit of browsing on Tuesday. Yesterday, Roxi and I ventured into the town next to ours in hopes of a little beginner’s […]

"Girl Day" London Version

“Girl Day” London Version

Ever since Roxi was a little girl, she and I indulged in what I called “Girl Days”. Basically, they are mother-daughter dates that usually include a girly lunch, a bit of shopping, and maybe a visit to a museum or a movie. Here’s our London version yesterday afternoon: First a little lunch. We ate Café de Hong […]


Living as an American (Texan!) in England

Yesterday, I was exchanging messages with Emm about what to write for World Blog Surf Day. I was trying to think of a way to boil down my expat experience here in England. Two years of living abroad was a bit too much to condense into a short post. However, one thing I kept circling […]


Krakow, Poland: A little bit of old and new

Finally, here are some more photos from our trip to Krakow, Poland last October. My terrible computer woes are all better now. Yay! If you are interested, my other Poland posts include:  We’re back from Poland But Why Poland? Poland: Wieleczka Salt Mines And other posts containing photos of Krakow: Monday Ramblings Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Morning Cup […]


Gosh, it’s Monday already?

She’s not cramming… Roxi was not kidding when she  said she had a lot to do this weekend. Despite all of her diligent review work last week, she had many, many hours of studying (about 12) and writing (about 6) this weekend. Good thing she had a relaxing outing on Friday with her friends. Today […]


La "Meme" chose

Okay, bad pun. But thanks to Barrie, you have something else to read about today instead of  the post I planned to write: an extended lament for my poor postman who still was delivering mail at 5:30 last night. He said that he could barely see–the streets are very dark out here in the boonies. […]


Dressing for frosty weather

View out of my studio window. It’s been quite chilly lately. My kitchen thermometer has read 30-degrees several mornings in a row. The lovely but very poorly insulated conservatory makes our dining and family rooms almost unbearable. I have clothes on that I would never consider wearing in hotter-than-heck Texas: a bulky turtleneck , jeans (okay, […]


I’m no fashonista, but I’m not convinced this is really a good thing

We saw this window display while shopping in a neighboring town. The ruffles were, uh, impressive in person (click photo to get a closer look). I think you’d have to be a stick to be able to carry this one off. Photo taken with my  Blackberry Pearl because that’s all I had!


A show of hands–how many of you will order pizza this weekend after overindulging on Thanksgiving fare?

I have been meaning to do a “local pizza delivery menu” post since I saw my first flier last year.  Anyone who says the food here in the UK is boring or bland obviously hasn’t been here recently. The food is varied and delicious, and most of all, very fresh. I’m not going to promise that every […]