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Billy Elliot, London's Victoria Palace Theatre

Billy Elliot, London’s Victoria Palace Theatre

I’d like to report I LOVED “Billy Elliot” at London’s Victoria Palace Theatre. I really would. But it’s a little hard for me to say after yesterday’s matinee because the show was “terminated” before the curtain went up for the second Act! That’s right, Roxi and I experienced our very first cancelled show.  What I […]

"Girl Day" London Version

“Girl Day” London Version

Ever since Roxi was a little girl, she and I indulged in what I called “Girl Days”. Basically, they are mother-daughter dates that usually include a girly lunch, a bit of shopping, and maybe a visit to a museum or a movie. Here’s our London version yesterday afternoon: First a little lunch. We ate Café de Hong […]

We're back and welcome to the new blog!

We’re back and welcome to the new blog!

Early last week, we took an evening walk around the beautiful medieval walled town of York. The daffodils were in full bloom. When we got back home last Wednesday, all of our dafs down here in the south of England were past their prime.  Well, hello, you’ve found our new blog! I hope you don’t […]

On Spring Break--back in a week!

On Spring Break–back in a week!

I’m heading into London today to get some NL paperwork done. Then I’m staying in Town for the afternoon because Mr. DJ and I have a date! (Roxi has a sleepover). We’re going to dinner and a musical–it’s one I wanted to check out before taking Roxi to see it. I wonder if anyone can […]


Roxi, Roxi, Roxi

On Friday, Roxi went to see An Inspector Calls with her class at the New Wimbledon Theatre. Before the show, the kids were allowed to go to dinner in small, unsupervised groups. Amazingly everyone showed up at the theatre on time! On Saturday, Roxi sat her drama exam at LAMDA. She and three other students […]


Danger: do not oogle the newborn lambs whilst driving

I wish I had a photo for you. On my way to the airport yesterday morning, I noticed that the sheep along side the motorway had company. BABIES! And oh, they were adorable–they couldn’t be very old. Maybe a few days? It is hard to sigh over them at 70 MPH, though. All of the […]


Roxi says…

Look! It’s Roxi reading the Carmen program from last month’s show. This is an accurate reflection of her. Get it? Reflection? Of her? Reading theatre stuff?  Heh heh… Ok, never mind. My girl was so appreciative of all of your comments and emails yesterday. Thank you so much for your encouraging messages. It really meant […]


Thinking about University. Already?!

Roxi and I attended an “introduction to High School” meeting at her school last night. I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about high school scheduling, AP versus IB programs, transcripts, and University (in a general sense). Roxi has a STRONG interest in musical theatre, drama, music and performing. I can see her enjoying […]

London: The Globe Theatre and "We Will Rock You"

London: The Globe Theatre and “We Will Rock You”

One thing you learn quickly when living in England is: if the sun shines, go out! We haven’t been into London as a family for a while, so when the sun came out Saturday morning, London was our destination. Roxi wanted to go to the Globe Theatre gift store to buy a few little leather-bound […]


Books make GREAT gifts

Sarah Laurence is hosting a “Blogger Book Boost”! Let’s do our part and help the sagging book sales this holiday season, shall we?  Not all of the books on my list are new titles. Instead, my recommendations include a sampling of books on topics that I talk about regularly on this blog.  Cooking Cherry Cake and […]